Comcast to buy Sky for $8.6 billion

Comcast Pay TV depreciation sky For $8.6 billion (€8.6 billion at current exchange rates). The move comes from a third-quarter 2022 report for one of the world’s leading media industries. The quarter closed down 1.5% in revenue to $29.8 billion (versus $30.3 billion in Q3 2021).

Comcast’s net income for the period was negative at $4.6 billion, versus a profit of just over $4 billion in the same period last year. Instead, looking at the results for the first nine months, the group reported revenue growth of $90.9 billion (86 billion in 2021), with a positive net result of 2.3 billion (down from 11.1 billion in the previous year).

In the third quarter of 2022 – He reads the document published by Comcast – We scored write-off fee Non-cash related to goodwill and intangible assets in our Sky segment totaling $8.6 billion“.

The reductions mainly reflect an increase in the discount rate and a decrease in the estimated future cash flows after Macroeconomic conditions in sky regions (UK, Germany, Italy, etc., editor), They are recorded under “Goodwill and reductions from long-term assets” in the condensed consolidated income statement and are excluded from adjusted net profit and adjusted earnings per share.‘, closes the note.

Comcast’s acquisition of Sky dates back to September 2018, when the group acquired the broadcaster Rupert Murdoch, surpassing a show from 21st Century Fox. The operation was closed on the basis of 30.9 billion pounds.

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