Colombian is part of the Swiss scientific team that created the machine that repairs and preserves organs

Colombi, University of Zurich transplant surgeon Matteo Muller Blanco. (Photo: ResearchGate)

It’s about the Colombian Matthew Mueller Whitea transplant surgeon at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, where the idea was born that helps solve a problem Preserving, for a sufficient period, the organs needed for transplantationwhich opens an infinite possibility to save lives, because, for example, the liver is preserved for only 12 hours and scientists managed to preserve it for three days.

Matthew Muller is of Colombian descent, Her mother is from Bogotá and most of her family lives in Colombia. The eminent scientist was born and raised in Zurich, but speaks fluent Spanish and is well aware of his roots.

In an interview with Radio W, the scientist recounted his experience as part of the team. “What we’ve done in the past seven years has been a machine that basically simulates the human body, ie Mimics the lung, heart, pancreas and kidneysMatthew Muller Blanco explained.

Numerous batches of hormones and nutrients lead to bowel and pancreatic functions, Like the diaphragm of the human body, The machine also moves the liver to the rhythm of human breathing.

The device operates automatically and This was achieved thanks to a joint effort with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where they have compiled and in the past seven years conducted research in humans to determine how to preserve the liver for several days:

“Right now we can keep the liver for up to ten days or more, and in this case we kept it for three days because no more was needed, the purpose was just to determine if the liver was really working and could be transplanted,” Mathieu said. Mueller Blanco

The achievement of this team, in addition to managing to keep members for several days, is that it can fix members. What is being done is to give a high dose of antibiotics, which cannot be given to humans, thus treating a type of chronic infection that the donor suffers from:

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In this way we can treat the liver that all hospitals refuse for transplantation, primarily and The second procedure was performed on a small tumor that was in the liver And that it was not known whether it was malignant or benign and that an organ was being transplanted, it is logical that one cannot transplant an organ with a malignant tumor and These examinations take time and the pathologist needs 24 hours to find out, and this device allows the organ to be preserved for that period‘,” explained surgeon Matthew Muller.

Medical and scientific progress is not only about conservation and repair, but also allows regeneration of the liver, That is, anyone can donate half of their liver, because, as Mathieu explains, the liver grows back to its original size.

“We don’t have two livers, but we have two parts of the liver, If a person donates fifty percent of his liver, it grows as before, i.e. 100%The risks are minimal because they are standardized surgeries and donors must be healthy.

Matthew Müller has co-published 26 scientific papers in collaboration with other specialists, in which his interest in organ preservation, liver function and transplantation has prevailed.

Colombi, University of Zurich transplant surgeon Matteo Muller Blanco.  (Image: screenshot from ResearchGate)
Colombi, University of Zurich transplant surgeon Matteo Muller Blanco. (Image: screenshot from ResearchGate)

The next step in this project, called Liver4Life, is to review the procedure in other patients and demonstrate its efficacy and safety in a multicenter study. Its success may mean that a liver transplant, which is usually an emergency procedure, will become a procedure that can be planned in the future.

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Thanks to this important advance, organs can be preserved in perfect condition for a long time, waiting to be used to save lives.

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