Colombia beat Australia 8-6 in the U-23 Baseball World Cup

The Colombian team defeated the similar team of Australia 8-6, in its second match in the “Super Round”, Thursday, in the Under-23 Baseball World Cup, which will be held at Tianmu Baseball Stadium, in Chinese Taipei.

Our team, who had just lost 4-3 to Mexico in the opening match of the final stage of the competition, recovered and managed to defeat Oceania with a superb attacking performance by Pranlin Garaba of Cartagena, who achieved a double at home and a double with all the pads occupied.

Garaba, the Milwaukee Brewers’ third baseman who played in Colombian baseball for the Barranquilla Giants (this year he will be loaned to the Cowboys of Montería), went 4-3, with four RBIs and scored two. .

Montriano’s Brian Bolvas pulled another two streaks with a double pair, while Barranquilla’s Jair Camargo contributed to leading a single streak.

Australia’s Dylan Clark allowed the Colombian to win at home in the second half and ended up chewing the bitter taste of defeat. The double version loaded with rules came in Chapter Five.

The Australians threatened a draw in the final inning, but their attack was just enough for them to make three runs that left the scoreboard 8-6.

Victor Vargas, who worked for four full episodes, was credited with the win. Eight hits and three runs were allowed. He gave up walking and had two hits. Jean Herrera and Luis Arreta came as sedatives to help him, but the latter was in trouble and struggled all three of his opponent’s rounds in the final inning.

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Jose Altamiranda, who went up the hill to put out the fire and look for another, scored a save.

Colombia, which on Friday evening, from 9 pm, closes its participation against South Korea, no longer has any chance of climbing to the podium. Nor is Australia.

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