Climate change: Google Doodle seeks to raise awareness on Earth Day 2022 | April 22 | Google Earth | Nuclear magnetic resonance | | Technique

Posted Animated hint to Which warns of the impact of climate change on the planet over time. To do this, real Google Earth images were used, showing the transformation of four places:

Retreating glaciers on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), coral bleaching on Lizard Island (Australia), retreating glaciers in Greenland, Hartz forests destroyed by the invasion of bark beetles due to high temperatures and severe drought (Germany).

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The images of these four places will alternate during the day, as shown :

“Stay tuned for these scenes all day long, each staying on the front page for hours at a time.”

Unlike other years, the doodle Today he uses real photos with a message warning of the harmful consequences of .

“Working together now to live more sustainably is essential to avoiding the worst effects of climate change,” Read on google page.

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