Classic Nacional: This is how they will protect the security at Jalisco and Akron for the upcoming matches

With a total of 1,400 municipal and state personnel, national guards and special security elements, the security operation for the next operation has been strengthened National Classic Chivas vs America.

Mayors Juan Jose Frangi of Zapopan; Pablo Lemos of Guadalajara, along with Amaury Vergara of the Chivas Board of Directors and José Riestra of Atlas, announce the closing of ranks around preservation A familiar and safe atmosphere for the upcoming matches at Akron and Jalisco.

Paul Limos He emphasized that municipalities, directives, state government and federal government are united. I saved this The events recorded in Queretaro force us to take additional measures And they don’t skimp on resources for security. Mayor of Zapopan, John Joseph FrangyThey confirmed that they will work on security coordination and civil protection for the two municipalities. For the Chivas-America match, there will be 500 Zapopan police officers, 100 Guadalajara police, 150 road police and 100 state police. Private security will be 516 elements. In addition to 140 civil protection agents.

For Classic Tapatio atlas against chivas In Jalisco, there will be 800 Guadalajara, 150 Zapopan and 600 private security personnel.

Ricardo Sanchez-Beromen, Cabinet Coordinator for State Security Affairs, supported these measures. He offered that the state certify that the private security companies appointed by the directive had received adequate training.

Atlas and Chivas are close together; There will be no cheers in Akron or Jalisco

Chivas club owner Amaury Vergara confirmed that what happened at La Corregidora de Querétaro forces a fundamental change and ensures that football maintains the spirit of union and competition. On Wednesday, March 9, he assumed his property, Akron Stadium, has had a white balance since it opened, and also invited fans to Saturday’s National Classic match against America. Go dressed in white, and also repeat that there will be no animation groups until further notice.

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Vergara expects investment in technology and access to Eliminate anonymity in stadiums and determine who enters.

He said the action against the bar association is not an expulsion or punishment and that they approached them to explain why they were doing it.

Jose Ristra, president of Atlas, said that after the events of Querétaro, there is great pain for the team, family and fans.

I saved this I was in contact with all concerned to resolve the situation.

This is how they have to identify themselves to enter Jalisco Stadium

Grupo Orlegi announced that there would be no anonymity, and everyone entering the stadium would have to identify a digital card and identity, which would be a lengthy process that could lead to contention. He said that when identification is requested, the bars will be removed and if there is an intruder, they will not be identified.

He described the measures announced by the Mexican Football Association as unprecedented.



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