Citizen Security met with robotic unions on Tuesday

At the request of Ángel Marcano – Governor of the State of Bolivar – the Secretary of Citizens’ Security met with motorized unions to meet the requirements of these drivers, and they agreed to strengthen security at stations and avenues for better and more favorable conditions.

The Minister of Citizens Security, Ejdar Colina Reyes, met with the Bolivarian National Federation of Motor Vehicles (Sinbom), the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and other institutions operating in Caroni to develop strategies that respond to the requests of drivers. of two wheels.

During the meeting, the municipal order to pay taxes was reviewed and evaluated. It was agreed to ensure the respect of officials towards drivers and to increase safety on the roads and stops.

The directors of the various unions assured that a review of drivers’ existing documents would be carried out and that they would be provided with legal and judicial assistance so that the agreement could be fully complied with.

He also attended the meeting and intervened in it: Municipal citizens’ security. State and municipal police directives; The Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Commission (Cicpc); Bolivarian National Police and Caroni Municipal Chamber Councilors.

Security forces in Macagua

On Tuesday afternoon, personnel from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), assigned to Detachment 627, activated a security device at the facilities of the Antonio José de Sucre Hydroelectric Power Station in Macagua; With the aim of enhancing operations, ensuring their safety and protecting pedestrians.


It is expected that the given circumstances will allow favorable security conditions to be achieved for this important sector of transport companies.

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