Cicpc has created a website to deal with computer crime cases

It will provide technical advice for the criminal investigation of crimes involving computer systems technology, mobile devices and social networks.

file, archive | Providing technical advice in case of crimes involving social networks

The Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Commission (Cicpc) has announced the launch of the Computer Crime Investigations Division, which will have a new webpage for citizens to inform and seek advice on various crimes committed via digital platforms.

The service will be available to Bolivar and all other states in the country, for which all Cicpc delegations must register in the system.

According to the information received from the institution, the waiting time for a response to a concern will be a maximum of one day after submitting a complaint, during which a trained staff will be on call to attend to it.

Their mission is to combat crimes that affect the economic assets of natural and legal persons, as well as those that affect the character, morals and mental health of people through technology.

This division is affiliated with the Directorate of Investigation of Crimes against Economic Heritage with the National Coordination of Criminal Investigations.

According to the details provided by the Foundation, the site is interactive, easy to use and provides access to talks and guidance on comprehensive crime prevention.

main objectives

One of the department’s main objectives is knowledge, investigation and clarification of computer crimes.

The most common crimes are sexual extortion (sexual exploitation through multimedia content), fraud and phishing (sending malicious links for identity theft), among others.

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The investigative body recommends not to trust names that appear with unknown numbers and not to provide personal information or information about the company where the person works. Warning about avoiding clicking on attachments and not trusting the sender’s email address.

Cicpc Chief Inspector Rudy Marcano noted that all systems using the technology currently have access to personal information from a phone, computer or flash drive. This means that any user who does not check security and privacy policies is more vulnerable to fraud and other crimes.

Contact phone numbers and a section for writing reports or complaints about cases of this kind are available on the website.

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