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Followers of the popular duo “Chino y Nacho” are very concerned about one of its members, . For this reason, many artists and friends joined in a Venezuelan singer. But what surprised everyone was the absence of his ex-partner Nacho.

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The group had success at the time, having made their debut as reggaeton and tropical music performers. Thanks to songs such as “Niña Bonita”, “Me voy enamorando” and “Andas en mi cabeza”, they were able to win many international awards such as the “Latin Grammy”.

The concert in question will take place on June 8 at “La Scala” in Miami, with the aim of raising funds to cover the endless expenses related to the recovery of Jesus Miranda, the singer’s real name.

The person in charge of the organization is Jeff Cardenas, producer and owner of Noxo Studios, who revealed why Nacho was not among the participating artists.

Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez, better known by his pen name Chyno Miranda or Chino, is a Venezuelan singer (Photo: Chyno Miranda/Instagram)
Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez, better known by his pen name Chyno Miranda or Chino, is a Venezuelan singer (Photo: Chyno Miranda/Instagram)

Why won’t NACHO be part of the concert?

When it was announced that Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, the singer’s real name, would not attend the charity event, fans immediately expressed their disapproval. However, Cardenas made it clear that he was one of the first artists they reached out to when he started planning the concert. Although he really wanted to help his friend, he had work obligations that would not allow him to be in the United States on that date.

I called Nacho as soon as the idea came up and told him what we wanted to do and that we thought it would be great to have him at the event. But he couldn’t confirm what I had because he already had obligations in the Dominican Republic. However, I am in constant contact with himproduct said.

How is the event?

Marco Perez, better known as Marco Musica, told in his book None of the participants will be charged to participate in the dedicated concert. This includes singers, musicians, and arrangers.

In addition, “La Scala”, the venue where the event will take place, is also cooperating by giving away its space for free.

To provide more transparency, it was stated that the money collected from tickets will be deposited into Chyno’s personal account in the United States and will be handled by the artist’s mother.

chino reply

Learning about the organization of this event and the number of people who are joining it, Chyno Miranda could not help but be emotional and thank all the participants. Initially, he posted a statement via his social networks on May 14.

Chyno Miranda’s family and team are very grateful for the initiative taken by a group of friends to hold a concert in the interest of Jesus Miranda’s health. We are not the organizers of this party, but we want to make it clear that they have our support and with the best of will to make such a beautiful initiative come trueThey wrote.

A few days later, the translator of “You burn me” considered a more personal message, because after some time he again appeared in a video.

I send you a hug from Caracas, Venezuela. I love them so much! Here I am, in full recovery and I want to tell all my friends and colleagues to thank you for such a wonderful concert next June 8th. You cannot miss my people. I’ll be there from the heart and hope everyone goes“, He expressed.

The singer was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy to which encephalitis was added, which is why he had to be hospitalized.

What diseases does Chino Miranda suffer from?

singer health He still worries thousands of his fans around the world. That is why we tell you what diseases the translator of “My Beautiful Girl” suffers from.

As explained by the portal After the singer fell ill, COVID-19 He was diagnosed Peripheral neuropathy to which a . was added Brain inflammationThis is the reason for his hospitalization. For more details about these diseases .

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