Chinese Foreign Ministry rejects US official’s remarks on Taiwan

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin denied the remarks of a US official on Taiwan at a press conference on Wednesday, warning the US side to act cautiously and not to cause a major crisis. Those who play with fire will not end up doing well, and those who harm China will be punished. Wang said this in response to media reports that Kurt Campbell, the coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs at the White House National Security Council, recently accused China of overreacting to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and trying to change the situation to change the status quo.

Wang Wenbin stressed that Taiwan has never been one country, there is only one China, and both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China, and this has been the status quo in Taiwan since ancient times. The destroyer of this status quo is not China but the United States and the separatist forces in Taiwan.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson on China-Pakistan relations said that China is ready to work with the Pakistani side to implement consensus between the two heads of state, build and operate existing projects, and increase focus on industrial cooperation, people’s livelihood and agriculture. science, technology, information technology and other fields, and make the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor a high-quality pilot project to build the Belt and Road Initiative.

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