China celebrates the success of the Winter Games against its rival the United States of America

BEIJING (AFP) – China, with its record-breaking record of gold medals, beat geopolitical rivals the United States of America at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

In the medal table, the Olympic host country took third place behind Norway and Germany, ahead of the USA. The victory over the United States was celebrated on Chinese social media. “Last year’s Summer Games saw the United States advance to China with a gold medal and this year China overtook the United States with a medal,” one user wrote.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party and the government congratulated the team for the “best performance in history” at the Winter Games. “The country and the people are proud of your achievements.” Success is a powerful impetus to building China as a modern socialist country.

Diplomatic boycott games Mars

The Games were overshadowed by a diplomatic boycott, led by the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia, which failed to send political representatives to the opening and closing ceremonies. These actions have been justified by human rights abuses, suppression of dissent in Hong Kong, persecution of minorities, and attacks on Taiwan. Germany did not send any representatives to it, but did not want to talk about a boycott.

China won nine gold, four silver and two bronze medals. The 15 medals were enough to get a place in the national ranking due to the great gold yield. In contrast, the United States came fourth with a total of 25 medals because it won only eight gold medals.

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