Chilean president criticizes Pinochet’s constitution

The President of Chile, Gabriel Borek, today criticized his country’s constitution, which dates back to the era of dictator Augusto Pinochet, and considered the new draft of the Magna Carta reasonable.

In an interview with La Tercera, he explained that what was contained in the draft (the new laws code) was entirely reasonable, although he later clarified that it was “too early to speak on a final text that does not yet exist”.

Borek wanted, however, to specify that “no result is, no doubt, more legitimate than a constitution written by four generals (with Pinochet at the head of the nation)”.

I want to wait for the final text to be able to do a full assessment. But of course I still support the new constitution. He emphasized that I am pleased that there is a consensus that the 1980 constitution has been replaced socially and politically.

On September 4, Chile will hold a referendum to approve or reject the draft new constitution, which was drafted over months by the National Congress.

Faced with the growth of far-right movements supporting the rejection of the implementation of the new Magna Carta, Borek said “I will take the risk because September 4 is the time to come together and overcome the 1980 constitution, while respecting the alternatives that are such.”

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