Chile will be the guarantor in the peace talks with the National Liberation Army

Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced that his country will be one of the guarantors in the talks between the National Liberation Army and the Colombian government that began in Venezuela.

The Chilean President Gabriel Boric Before the proposal that his country become one of the guarantors of Peace Dialogue between the National Liberation Army, the National Liberation Army and the Colombian Government. The country was summoned by a speech issued by the dialogue table and the peace process, from Venezuela, where the first meetings between the two delegations began.

The Chilean President also announced his response through a message, in which he stated how pleased he was with the invitation extended to his government to accompany this process, Reaffirm their readiness to continue contributing to peacebuilding.

In this sense, he declared that his country was “ready to assume the role of guarantor so generously offered to us at this important stage.” After acceptance, he delegated Raúl Vergara Meneses as his nation’s representative So that he will be the one who attends the first meeting with the dialogue table on December 9.

He noted that “for Chile and the government that I represent, this call constitutes an inevitable challenge and a commitment to seek all ways to cooperate with peace in Colombia.”

Venezuela, Cuba and Norway are also listed as guarantors of this peace agreementGermany, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain will be invited to consider participating as companion countries and to reactivate the Group of Support and Cooperation Countries.

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