Chile beat Colombia and will face Switzerland in fifth place

In the 25th minute, Chile was seen safer on the track and bettered by Colombia, however, both teams had access to the opposing areas in a dangerous way. At 3’15” Colombia had the opportunity to fall back through a poorly executed direct free kick from Oscar Patakiva which easily ended up in the goalkeeper across the Andes. The Chilean team took advantage of the moment and in the 5’45 minute, the third goal came with a scream from outside the corner by Oscar Moura. Quickly, at 7’37”, Martin Molina emerged with a real goal, widening the gap and setting his team 4 goals. Minutes later in the 8’32’ minute of the match, on a good counterattack, Colombia got an opponent thanks to Luca Rodriguez who scored a partial 4-1 result for Chile. Colombia boosted their pace and the second goal was not long, taking advantage of a rebound from the Andean goalkeeper, and Sergio Lopez put it in the right corner and managed to convert it to the coffee growers. The last 5 minutes were exciting, as Colombia wanted to go for more, constantly looking for the goal while Chile wasn’t far behind and both took advantage of trying to extend the score, even though the scoreboard didn’t move in the last 12 minutes, ending the match with a score of 4 to 2 in favor of Chile.

In this way, on the last day, Chile will determine the fifth and sixth places facing Switzerland, while Colombia will fight for the seventh and eighth places with Great Britain.

Synthesis of Colombia 2 – Chile 4

First time

0-1: 4’20” – Mario Chavarria – 6 (Chile)

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0-2: 22’50” – Miguel Baneque – 7 (Chile)


0-3: 5’45” – Oscar Moura – 4 (Chile)

0-4: 7’37” – Martin Molina – 8 (Chile)

1-4: 8’32” – Luca Rodriguez – 9 (Colombia)

2-4: 12’24” – Sergio Lopez – 7 (Colombia)

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