Chemnitzer – Muller extends vacation until 2024 – football

Tobias Muller (29) remains a blue sky!

Captain Chemnitzer extended his contract for the second time after 2020 to 2024.

Mueller turned 29 on Tuesday. Special Feature: His girlfriend Fabian enjoyed the party while on vacation in the States. Mueller reveals, “We’ll be on the road on the West Coast and in Arizona from May 23 to June 11. On Thursday we went on a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park.”

Muller saw his first 2018/19 season with Chemnitz as a cream year with the cherry on the cake: promotion to the third division and winning the cup. CFC finished fifth last season. For the new season, the team is heading left. Eleven players are already gone. Many new troops will come as reinforcements.

Muller explains: “Our goal will be to play at the top again until the end and achieve a better ranking than last year. Then there is the title defense in the cup.”

But would it be unrealistic because two other third-tier clubs share the cup with rivals Saxon or Dresden? Muller: “I don’t see it as unrealistic. You have your own rules in this contest.” And Mueller can upgrade them if necessary. He scored two goals in the 2019 final with Chemnitz against Zwickau, 2-0, CFC victory.

Tobias Muller on vacation in the United States Photo: special

And BFC Dynamo, competing in the Chemnitz League on Saturday (2 pm), wants to boost the promotion in the second leg of the relegation at Oldenburg after 2-0. Muller has a clear opinion: “I think the two teams that are ranked first in their relay at the end of the season deserve a promotion. So I will monitor it impartially. If the AFC does not work out, we will definitely have two great matches next season.”

It was in the air that the CFC would have had to dispense with Muller this season. Kickers Offenbach indicated his interest in the midfielder. The captain confirms: “There was a connection with Offenbach, but in the end it was the proximity to my family and girlfriend that made the difference in Chemnitz. In addition, the club is still traditionally ambitious and I still have a lot to plan for it.”

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