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On the occasion of German Diversity Day on May 31, 2022, the Didacta Association published the “Give Space for Diversity in Schools” checklist. In doing so, he wants to support school authorities, school administrations and teachers in better adapting schools and lessons to the different needs of pupils and teachers.

“All students are entitled to a quality education. Age, gender, physical and mental abilities, religion, sexual orientation or social background – none of this should have an impact on school success,” says Dr. Theodore Niehaus, President of the Didacta Society. “Schools can already master the potential challenges that can arise from the heterogeneous needs of pupils in structural and interior design and the choice of materials and concepts.” Because the truth is: if the structures and framework conditions in schools are not designed to support diversity, it will affect learners, teachers, and daily teaching. Teachers* on the learners side specifically report social and emotional disturbances, lack of concentration, problems with motivation, language deficits, lack of discipline and learning difficulties.

The “Give Spaces for Diversity in Schools” checklist lists several quality standards that school administrators can use to question their local options and change them if necessary.

Download checklist: School Education Committee – Didact

Didacta Association Signs the Diversity Pact

German Diversity Day is an initiative of the Diversity Pact Association. The Didacta Association explicitly supports its values ​​such as tolerance, universality and fairness, and thus signed the Diversity Pact in May 2022.

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The Diversity Pact is a fundamental commitment to the economic and social benefits of diversity. By signing up, Didacta Association also pledges to respect all employees equally.

The Managing Director of the Diversity Charter Association, Stefan Kiefer, presents the Didacta Board of Directors with the charter signed as part of the education fair in Cologne – didacta Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 2 p.m. at the Didacta Assembly Stand in Hall 7, D-050/E-059

* Results of teacher surveys conducted by Didacta since 2018.

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