Chaos at a British airport due to airline delays

It’s like a movie where the cast loses control. A group of passengers got angry at an airport in England After informing them of the delay of their flights. Over the past days, the weather in the country has been adverse. Airlines were unable to maintain regular flight schedules and had to announce delays and cancellations.

Through a video shared on TikTok, angry passengers can be seen shouting at Luton Airport staff. newly, UK temperatures dropped to -15C, with corresponding snowfall.

The weather has led to delays and cancellations at UK airportsVideography / TikTok / @sashoboyanov

And so WizzAir, one of the airlines that operates out of Luton, has had to announce some delays. Desperate travelers have canceled their flights and been stranded at the airport for days. As shown the sun. This chaotic situation was repeated in Manchester.

According to English media, one of the canceled AirWizz flights was W63006, bound for Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Passengers complained via social media and demanded that the airline solve the problem as soon as possible. “This is so crazy. People will stay at the airport for days.”one person claimed.

Hundreds of passengers were outraged after learning they would have to spend days inside the airport
Hundreds of passengers were outraged after learning they would have to spend days inside the airportVideography / TikTok / @sashoboyanov

The passengers were so angry They started hitting screens on airline counters and yelling at the offending employees. Some travelers claimed that they were “treated like cattle” and that they were locked in a room that was practically overcrowded. Another concern that has been repeated the most is the space for children, so insufficient that it made the little ones desperate and contributed to the stress of their parents.

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It has also been reviewed Daily StarThe airline sent a statement saying, “They are doing everything they can to restore operations, but there are certain factors, such as weather conditions, that the airline has no control over.”

The chaos that occurred at an airport due to airline delays

It was not only chaos that lived in the air terminals, because the climatic conditions also forced the authorities to close schools, and even some parts of the UK suffered power outages. according to Cirium Flight Analytics websiteMore than 500 flights have been canceled in the past 48 hours.

for his part, British Airways, the UK’s national carrier, on Wednesday canceled at least 30 flights Which included domestic routes and other short-distance international routes within Europe. The same thing happened to Ryanair, the Irish low-cost carrier, which has canceled 20 flights at many of London’s airports.

According to some English media, another hundred flights have been canceled today, a measure affecting around 10,000 passengers in the UK. Less than six months have passed since the collapse of British airports. In the summer, the weather was not a hindrance. Due to good conditions, very high demand has returned to the numbers handled prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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