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Max Verstappen’s win in his glamorous Formula 1 debut in Miami brings him a little closer to his World Cup rival Charles Leclerc. But the world champion does not trust his luck.

Accompanied by the roaring police, Miami’s top winner Max Verstappen appeared at the podium celebration and raised his fist into the sky with a football helmet on his head.

When the exhausted Formula 1 world champion freed himself from a web of streamers, he immediately dictated the next work order to his team. “We still have some problems. We have to make sure we’re more reliable,” the 24-year-old warned after the race-packed success in Florida.

Verstappen with his third win in the fifth race

The Dutchman achieved his third victory in the fifth race of the season in a practical way. “It’s really cool here, but you can only get 25 or 26 points here,” Verstappen said when asked if winning the impressive series debut in Miami meant a lot to him. Failures in Bahrain and Australia still decimated the champion, who remains 19 points behind World Cup rival Charles Leclerc.

“It’s going to be hard to catch up. We won’t win every race and it will be soon,” Helmut Marko, Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko, told SkyTV as the title race was presented. With his control skills, Verstappen fended off Leclerc’s attacks in the final laps in Miami after the safety car robbed him of the once-comfortable lead. More and more this year comes to a climax in this duel, with the defending champion having the momentum on his side.

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But Verstappen doesn’t fully trust his luck. Technical malfunctions on Friday and sensor malfunctions in the engine of fellow racer Sergio Perez raised the champion’s fears about more costly setbacks. “The car is fast, but we have to stop these problems,” Verstappen demanded.

Ferrari wants to increase pressure on Red Bull

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Leclerc’s Ferrari team wants to put more pressure on Red Bull once again at the upcoming Grand Prix in Barcelona. Team Principal Mattia Binotto has announced a new expansion phase for Formula 1-75. “I hope they work so we can get them again,” the Italian said.

In the arms race for the title, Red Bull has gained a small advantage with a round of power into car development over the past few weeks. “But the budget cap puts a cap on spending, so I hope they stop developing at some point,” Binotto said.

Despite the next setback, his lead driver Leclerc was still deliberately relaxed with the goal of overall standings. “I love the stalking site because it means you’re doing something right,” Monegasque said. “We just have to keep pushing,” Leclerc added. “It’s close and everyone wants to see it that way.”

Stable duel in Red Bull

In the thriller between him and Verstappen, the competition threatens to play a supporting role for the remainder of the season. Series world champion Mercedes is only the third powerhouse and couldn’t get any closer, George Russell in fifth and Lewis Hamilton in sixth had no chance. “We’re in no man’s land,” team boss Toto Wolff complained.

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Even ambitious rivals McLaren, Alpine and Sebastian Vettel’s business owner Aston Martin couldn’t use their radical base reform to great success. The rest lack the means.

This is one of the reasons why Verstappen relies on the fact that in the fight for victories it will initially only be for him and Leclerc. So the world champion derives his confidence from the fact that he’s won every time he’s run the full distance this season. “I should always finish,” Verstappen said.

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