Cassini: “The fix? The number of non-priority Serie A teams »

“Reforms? The number of teams is not a priority. Work is now underway on how the Italian league can interact with other leagues. The goal is to build a mechanism to increase performance and coordinate with other leagues.” This was stated by the President of Lega Serie A Lorenzo Casini who spoke during the presentation of the book by the journalist. Sun 24 hours Marco Bellinazzo, “The New Football Wars. Corporate Affairs and Fan Revolt.”

“The emotional dimension of football cannot be lost, but an industrial vision is needed. We need a participatory model, because if interest in football becomes public, it legitimizes state intervention. Many have faced problems of this kind, from the creation of the Internet to the birth of WADA to doping.And then we need to understand what is the right model of society.

What prompted me to accept the position of university president? The fact that football is a phenomenon comes from the people. The role of fans must be restored, but also disciplined. But how can such a rich and tracked sector be so poor in skills? Here we have an exception (Marotta, ed), but there is a weakness regarding this. In football, among the different types of legitimizing power, there is charisma. In sports, it’s enough to be a champion, and instinctively I tend to trust, no matter the skills. This is not to say that he produces a series of useful skills for world football. When Blatter was elected, he had to prove he had charisma and asked Platini to help restore the charisma he had as an athlete.”

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“TV rights? Either it increases revenue or it is difficult to imagine different forms of distribution. Remember, the Prime Minister was born out of a disastrous moment in English football. They made speeches that we will consider against the rule of law. The American leagues are an interesting model, but there are A very different cultural foundation. The United States was born with an identity project based on equality, albeit in part. Then there were moves there as well, like giving the league a lot of power in the NBA in the 1990s for example. Italy wasn’t born that way. If You start to think differently, you realize that it is difficult to recreate this model, and therefore there are cultural and economic obstacles.

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