Cases are on the rise: an attic apartment and a single-family home: burglaries again in the New Ulm region

Autumn time – robbery time! Already on Wednesday the police had one Robbery of a detached house in New Ulm The following two cases are now reported in Neu-Ulm and Weißenhorn.

Attic apartment burglary

The burglary of an attic apartment in Neu Ulm on Tuesday was somewhat atypical. During the day, an unknown person managed to gain access to a housing unit in an apartment building on Neu-Ulmer Reuttier Strasse. The perpetrator first opened the upstairs apartment’s wooden door, likely using a screwdriver. Then he stole electronics, a small amount of coins, and various pieces of clothing from the apartment. The financial loss is estimated at 300 euros. Property damage of around €200 was done to the apartment door.

Memmingen Police introduces a new “showroom” to prevent burglaries

Robbery in Weissenhorn

The following situation on Thursday in Weißenhorn (Neu-Ulm region): Between 6:30 pm and 10:00 pm someone broke into a detached single-family house on Roggenburger Straße. The unknown perpetrators opened the courtyard door and entered the building. The perpetrators opened and searched all the cupboards and cupboards in the house. They stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Anyone who has made any suspicious observations is asked to contact the Weißenhorn Police Station at 07309/96550.

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