Cardiff World Supercross Championships Live Streaming / World Supercross Championship

Races for the Supercross World Championship, which will start next weekend in Cardiff/Wales, will be broadcast via various subscription based international paid streaming services.

Next Saturday (October 8, 2022), the trial season of the recently announced FIFA World Supercross Championship will begin at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff/Wales with the Grand Prix of Great Britain. As explained by series promoter SX Global, the event will be broadcast via the BT Sport, DAZN and Viaplay portals.

The show is directed to viewers in Central Europe In Scandinavia, media provider Viaplay is set to take over the live reporting. So there is no unified portal like in the World Motocross Championship or the American Supercross Championship, but the broadcast rights have been distributed to 50 international networks that are supposed to cover 150 countries around the world.’s sports-focused platform offering is a subscription system. Subscription costs €29.99 per month. This means that both events are in Cardiff and at 21-22. October in Melbourne (Australia). However, not a single Supercross race has yet been announced on the platform. You should therefore wait to sign up until the Supercross World Championship is officially announced on the platform in the program. Series promoter SXGlobal refers to this season as the pilot season. Therefore all information should be treated with extreme caution.

The 2022 pilot season consists of UK and Australian events. Next year 2023, the World Supercross Championship will be expanded globally and begin in the second half of the year.

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SX Global has also announced a live broadcast innovation: the teams’ radio communication will be transmitted behind the scenes during the races. There should be many helmet cameras in both categories. In addition, some super slow motion cameras are used to get amazing photos. Background stories on specific topics are broadcast between races.

“The streaming platform will take the sport to an unprecedented level. Through our innovations, fans will get an unprecedented experience. Our team will offer fans a whole new way to follow Supercross,” said Ryan Sanderson, Commercial General Manager for Series Promoter SX Global.

American Ralph Shaheen and Jeff Emig and presenter Kristen Pitt have been appointed as commentators. Emig and Beat also competed in the US Supercross Championship.

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