Carabobo police carried out a security deployment

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In order to provide peace and security to the communities that make up the various municipalities of the state, Carabobo Police officials, headed by the Minister of Citizens Security, Jesus Paris Lara, carried out a large-scale operation on Saturday starting from Boulevard Boulevard, to ensure calm and proper coexistence among the citizens.

The men and women who make up the Carabobo State Police Force, have been deployed, from Boulevard Bolivar, north of Valencia, to the 14 municipalities of the entity in order to provide peace and tranquility to the residents, in compliance with the mission of the Great Peace Quartet.

The deployment took place Friday night, in a perfect union of civilian, military and police.

This special apparatus was activated by Paris Lara, accompanied by the Director General of the State Police, Chief Commissioner Yospel Solorzano, Deputy Director of the Authority, Deputy Commissioner Miguel Bandali and Director of Operations of the Carabobo Police, Deputy Commissioner Rosselli Lacle.

Paris emphasized that this multidisciplinary team is highly qualified and trained to conduct internal order operations, and in this case the security of the citizen, to bring peace, tranquility and security to all residents of Carabobo, maintain the police presence on the street and reduce criminal acts.

He indicated that this deployment will be responsible from the various security agencies of the regional defense system, who will work in 14 municipalities and 38 parishes in the state.

As he said, the purpose of these permanent deployments is to bring peace of mind to the entire population.

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