Candidate Liz Truss doubts her father will vote for her as the new UK Prime Minister

British Foreign Secretary, Liz GearsThe candidate for the conservative leadership and the prime minister admitted that she was “not sure” about this BabaO John who raised her in a leftist ideology, vote for her In some elections General.

Truss makes these statements on file an interview Posted in “Sunday times‘, where he also explains his proposals to reform the education system if he succeeds Boris Johnson as head of the British government.

The minister, according to internal polls, is He prefers who founded Game governor – In front of rival competitor Rishi Sunak – who must choose between the two in the A primaries By mail and internet in August.

In the interview, Truss admitted that her father, a mathematics professor at the English University of Leeds, and her mother, Priscilla, a nurse and former teacher, disagree with her conservative ideology, as both are very left-wing.

When asked if they would vote for her in elections GeneralThe prime ministerial candidate replies, “I think my mother would, I’m not sure about my father.”

“She’s very proud of me, even though she still holds her old opinions,” explains Truss, who laughingly admitted that her parents disagree with her. Foreign Policy as with suggestions tax Based on spend general.

The Minister again criticizes the education she received at an advanced public school in Leeds (Northern England), finding that some teachers are “left-wing progressive nonsense”, hippies and “transcendentals”, which, in her opinion, undermine children’s opportunities. to thrive.

With great effort, she ended up studying at the elite University of Oxford, where she was a young leader in Liberal Democratic Party, while supporting the abolition of ownership. “I was experimenting with things and had a very radical mindset,” he says now.

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Truss believes that those more liberal political beginnings and his subsequent adoration for former “conservative” Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – which his parents opposed – have a common thread.

“What I’ve always thought, and it’s been true all my life, is that I wanted to control my future and I wanted others to have that ability as well. I hated being told what to do, and it drove my political philosophy,” he says in the interview. .

She also reveals that her two daughters, Frances, 16, and Liberty, 13, are helping her run her social media campaign.

“Francis may be a little more centrist and Liberty may be a little more conservative, but they are both very supportive of me,” she says.

He also revealed in the interview that his favorite karaoke song is “Push It” by Salt ‘n Pepa and that he loves musicals.

The Conservative Party The name of her new leader will be announced and Prime Minister On September 5, and then on September 6 Johnson will give him Resignation to me Queen Isabel IIwho will assign his successor to form the government.

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