Cancellation of the Brazil-Argentina match: in Australia, they ask for explanations after the friendly cancellation | international football

She fell like a bucket of cold water, because now they are demanding the game and claiming to be disappointed. And the Australian State of Victoria’s Sports Minister reacted angrily to the expected cancellation of the show which was supposed to take place on June 11 in Melbourne.

The event promoter said he has been informed that Argentina is not ready to travel to Australia for the match,”in contravention of your prior consent and obligation to do so“.

The promoter said fans who bought tickets for the match at Melbourne Cricket Ground, which was to take place just five months before the World Cup, will be able to claim a refund.

We are very disappointed and I think it is fair to say that he is very upsetsaid Martin Boccola, Victoria’s Minister of Sports.

I think they owe the Australian football fans an explanation, as they have yet to provide an acceptable justification for the promoter.“, he added.

It’s a match that would have been very popular here in Melbourne.‘, he finished.

In Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian national team coordinator Juninho Paulista said that the cancellation of the friendly match “It greatly affected our preparation” for the world.

Brazil He now wants to find a replacement for the match during the international window for June, the penultimate window authorized by FIFA before the World Cup kicks off on November 21.

Knockout Confirmation

Precisely before the World Cup, the five-times champions must clash with Lionel Messi’s Albiceleste in September at a place to be confirmed, in a corresponding South American qualifier tentatively scheduled for September 5, 2021 in Sao Paulo.

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But it was cut short when only five minutes were running due to the intervention of local health authorities for an alleged breach of anti-virus protocol by Argentina.

The match will not have anything at stake from the point of view of qualification, because “zero” confirmed the first place and Albiceleste, second.

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