Camp Quest finally happened again

After breaking the pandemic for two years, there it is again Camp Quest A summer camp for children and youth that focuses not only on fun and sports but also on science topics, philosophy and critical thinking. This year in July it’s all about energy. An opportunity for young people to understand and experience relevant topics closely. This year, the camp was also opened especially for refugee children and youth from Ukraine.

The idea for Camp Quest comes from the USA. 1995 secular activists decided Free inquiry group in Cincinnati, Ohio, to set up their own camp, in which the Scouts required their members to acknowledge the Lord, and to exclude children from non-religious families.

Human values ​​instead of religion for young people

Since 2013, FreidenkerInnen Schweiz has also been organizing Camp Missions, which offers an informative adventure with science, natural wonders and human values, surrounded by joy, friends and freethinking. Camp assignments are open to children and youth regardless of their ideological background.

The eighth edition of the Swiss Camp Quest is actually activated! Kids and teens between the ages of 9 and 15 can discover and explore all aspects of energy for a week. Ideally located for excursions to places that play an important role in Switzerland, Langenbruck is located in Mittelland.

River power plants and mineral springs

Theory and practice combined with a lot of fun and excitement: experiences in the warehouse, trips to the Ruppoldingen hydroelectric station and mineral springs in the neighboring municipality of Eptingen are the highlights that young people can make use of in everyday life for a long time.

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Relevant content is conveyed in an age-appropriate manner

Oven, computer, heating, car, radio: nothing works without electricity. Demand and consumption are constantly increasing, and energy shortage scenarios are likely, especially since mobility and heat are also being electrified in order to achieve climate goals. Nuclear power plants will be taken off the grid in Switzerland for the foreseeable future, and the expansion of renewable resources and energies aims to secure future supply.

Integration of refugee children from Ukraine

This year, children and youth who had to flee Ukraine can participate as well. Because they, too, must be able to live out their curiosity – this goal is the focus of Camp Quest. Each year, the organizer chooses a new location and other topics in order to be able to present an exciting programme. To promote a scientific view of the world and an ethics free of dogma.

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