Cameras back to Chioggia

Chiogya – Good news for those who appreciate TV series I hate Christmas, between Chioggia and Venice, broadcast on Netflix. In February, the crew of the production company Lux Vide will be back in town to film A.J The second series of six more episodes. So, in December 2023, the sequel to this romantic comedy that enchants Italians and beyond is supposed to be broadcast, since in the 23 countries where the TV platform is active, I hate Christmas is the second most watched title, after Wednesday by Tim. Burton and the premiere of the series about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Harry and Meghan).

Comedies that have the role of the protagonist Actress Pilar Fogliani, in fact, it is an adaptation of the Norwegian Netflix series Christmas with a Stranger which, in fact, has been divided into two seasons. And who knows if the Italian version might not have more developments, as the narrative inspiration lends itself well to potential twists and turns. It is about the protagonist, Gianna’s search for a friend to introduce to her parents at Christmas dinner. She actually doesn’t (at first) feel much need for it: she has a job as a nurse, two best friends and a sister, and that’s enough for her. But her parents would like her to settle down and commit, under their psychological pressure, to introducing them to an imaginary friend, whom, however, she must find as soon as possible. The landscape and streets of Venice and Chioggia form the backdrop to this plot and it seems that this is the aspect of the series that is most appreciated by the residents of Chioggia who applaud the beauty of their city but are, at least in part, still inhibited by the jungle dialect of the characters. But Chioggia’s television success didn’t just arouse doubts among viewers. Politics has also had cinematic controversy. If, in fact, the mayor, Mauro Armelao, takes the opportunity to relaunch the image of Chioggia (remember the New York Times, capital of culture and cruises?), the regional councilor Erika Baldin relaunched the proposal to set up a Chioggia film commission that deals directly with manufacturers to promote the city as a block for films and series television, and requests an allocation from the regional budget, specifically for this. Given the no to the regional majority and to Armelao himself: «There is no need. As a management, we have already joined the Veneto Film Commission ».

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