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For the first time in the White House. As part of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Native/Hawaiian Heritage Month (AANHPI), the members of the hit K-pop group were invited by the president of United States, Joe Bidento the White House.

On May 26, the White House issued a statement announcing the arrival of the South Korean stars to the current office and residence of the US President, located in Washington. Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook They will discuss topics of interest to their nation and the countries in which they have made a positive impact on young people. Then, we tell you the reasons for it bts He will meet with the US President.

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Why is BTS going to the White House?

BTS members will be visiting the White House as special guests Hawaii and the Pacific Islands Native American Heritage Month.

The first results indicate that Boyband will be present to discuss issues such as Asian representation and the increase in hate crimes against the citizens of that continent. And also about the importance of their role as youth ambassadors who spread positive messages around the world.

White House statement on BTS.

When will BTS go to the White House?

Meet idols with Joe Bidenthis is Scheduled for May 31 (local time). At the time of the announcement, there was no accurate information about the departure of celebrities from South Korea and their subsequent landing on American soil.

According to the Korean press, the . group big hit Already a travel history to the United States and it seems Jung Kook He will get ahead of his teammates.

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