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Government sources said on Tuesday (11.29.2022) that the British government summoned the Chinese ambassador in London after the arrest of a BBC public radio journalist while he was covering the protests in Shanghai against China’s anti-coronavirus policy.

The BBC said on Sunday that one of its journalists in China, Ed Lawrence, had been arrested and “beaten and kicked by the police”, which Britain’s chief of diplomacy James Cleverley on Monday described as “extremely worrying”.

“It is very important that we protect the freedom of the press,” Cleverly told reporters on the sidelines of a NATO meeting in Romania on Tuesday, confirming that Ambassador Zheng Zigang had been summoned.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London responded that “the UK is not in a position to judge China’s policy on COVID-19 or other domestic matters.” He also stressed that “China respects the right of journalists to work,” although he stressed that “the laws and regulations of the country in which they are located must be respected.”

Beijing said on Monday that Lawrence did not identify himself as a journalist and “did not voluntarily provide press credentials.”

The arrest of the caller came in the context of tension between Beijing and London, between harsh criticism from the United Kingdom for restricting freedoms in the former British colony of Hong Kong, and violent incidents that were recently recorded in the Chinese delegations on British soil.

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