Brazil wants to play with Argentina in Australia

Last September 5 in San Pablo, Embarrassed the match between Brazil and Argentina, corresponding to the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar. Five minutes into the match, the match was 0-0, the unusual interruption of the match occurred when Brazilian health authorities (Anvisa) entered the stadium to prevent some Argentine players from participating in the game. The reason for the paper is the alleged violation of the health protocol that prevailed in Brazil due to the epidemic. The game was stopped and never finished…

Remember that moment:

But the Brazilian Football Confederation, After the sanctions announced by FIFA, Intends to play a South American classic. This Thursday, he suggested that the meeting be held AustraliaThe first week of next June. At AFA there has been no response yet. On June 1, Argentina will face Italy at Wembley in the final between the American and European champions So it can be measured with Brazil in the days after that meeting.

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In the penalty, FIFA ordered the match to be completed on neutral ground but was not responsible for setting the date or venue. The meeting will remain organized for the Brazilian Football Confederation and the Asian Football Confederation.

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