Brad Pitt’s first appearance as a sculptor at the Museum of Finnish Art

American actor Brad Pitt He debuted as a sculptor in a joint exhibition with the Australian musician Nick how and British artist Thomas Houseago in Sarah Helden Museum of Art From Tampere (Finland).

The actor himself was present at the opening of the exhibition with Cave and Houseagoon a totally unexpected visit to the Nordic country, where the museum kept the secret of his participation until the last minute.

During the exhibition’s premiere, Pitt told local media that art consists of being honest in the face of life and admitted that it reflected on the failure of human relationships.

“I’ve done a drastic inventory of myself and thought about the hurt I’ve done to others and the times I’ve gone wrong,” Pete told Finnish YLE TV.

Among the works on display, the first creation of the famous actor from HollywoodWho began to dedicate himself to sculpture after his divorce from fellow actress Angelina Jolie in 2017, a work titled “House A Go Go”.

It’s a miniature house made of discarded wooden blocks a house Picked up from the floor in the office where his friend Hozigo is Angels.

Photo: AFP

Other works of the actor include a plaster cast that depicts a narrative scene of shooting and a cast bronze sarcophagus protruding from human body parts trying to break free from their confinement.

There are also several house-shaped clear silicone sculptures with traces of bullets of different calibers, where the trajectory of the projectiles can be seen, “freezing their destructive motion,” according to the museum in a statement.

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On the other hand, the Australian musician Nick how He also presented his work as a sculptor to the public for the first time, with a series of 17 handcrafted and enameled glazed ceramic figures.

The work, titled “The Devil – A Life,” depicts “the life of Satan in 17 seasons, from innocence to trial to confrontation with our own mortality,” according to the museum. EFE

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