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Brad Pitt and musician Nick Cave collaborated with British artist Thomas Hozigo on a stunning exhibition.

Brad Pitt continues to surprise with his professional or commercial forays outside the world of acting.

Immersed in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, over the vineyards and winery they both bought in France before their separation, it’s at least curious that the artist appeared this weekend at the Sarah Helden Museum in the Finnish city of Tampere to display his first work as a sculptor.

In fact, the exhibition presented a few days ago corresponds almost completely with the British artist Thomas Hozigo, but some pieces of the American actor, who did not hesitate to go to the opening to support his friend.

Also in attendance was the famous singer-songwriter Nick Cave, who also signs some of these sculptures and was already known for his multifaceted personality.

“For me and myself, this is a new world, we just entered. But I feel it was the right thing to do,” Brad Pitt said in a conversation with Finnish Yle TV, before considering the personal meaning of his nine creations. A series of silicone figurines adorned with different types of ammo representing a pistol duel greatly illustrates their own battles in the emotional sphere.

“For me, it’s an exercise in meditation. It’s about everything that has gone wrong in my relationships, the mistakes I’ve made and my complicity with some damage. It’s led me to be brutally honest with myself, and he takes account of all those I’ve managed to hurt, those moments that confounded me.” myself in it,” he was honest.

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