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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present an international “action plan” to “stop” the Russian invasion of Ukraine and double diplomatic meetings in London in the coming days, his office said Saturday (05.02.2022).

After an “unprecedented” wave of Western sanctions against Russia’s military offensive interests in Ukraine, Johnson will appeal to the international community to renew its “coordinated efforts” against Moscow through a “six-point action plan,” which will be a detailed statement on Sunday, Downing Street said.

In the statement, Johnson said that Russian President Vladimir “Putin must stop (the attack) and we must be vigilant to stop this aggressive act.”

“It is not enough to express our support for the rules-based international order, we must defend it against trying to remake the rules through military force,” he added.

For this, Johnson will meet on Monday in his office with colleagues from Canada, Justin Trudeau, and from the Netherlands, Mark Root. On Tuesday, he will receive in London the leaders of the Visegrad Group, which includes Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The action plan envisages mobilizing an international humanitarian coalition for Ukraine, strengthening its defense capacity and maximizing economic pressure on the Russian government.

It also plans to prevent the “malignant normalization” of Russian action in Ukraine, follow the diplomatic path of de-escalation and launch a “quick campaign” to strengthen security in the Euro-Atlantic region.

gs (afp, Reuters)

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