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On June 1, at the National Convention, the first public report of President Gabriel Borek will be made. It is worth noting that the ruling party and the opposition agreed that the priority issues are security and the high cost of living.

Next Tuesday at 11 am, in the National Congress Hall of Honor, President Gabriel Borek will hold his first public account.

This is within the framework of a complex economic scenario; with a very high perception of insecurity; In the midst of the culmination of the foundational process and in the full development of structural reforms.

On Monday, the president presented part of the objectives of his first presidential message and announced the call to business associations and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, who have been excluded from the leadership change due to capacity issues.

“On June 1, we’ll give our first public account and set the course for where we’re headed as government. Today, I want to tell the CCP chief that they were invited on June 1, because we’re interested in these spaces being converged (.. .).

President Gabriel Borek’s first public account

For the Secretary General of National Renewal, Diego Schalper, the president should focus entirely on talking about the three most important issues of citizens.

“More than Guillermo Teillier asks of you or what the opposition demands of you, talk to the Chileans, talk to them about public order, talk to them about increasing their lives, about vaccination and the epidemic. And if he has any enthusiasm left, I hope they will not ignore the August pension reform (… ) ”, select the deputy.

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Similarly, the leader of the Liberal Party bloc, MP Vlado Mirosevic, said that citizens expect answers on urgent matters. But he said the main thing, in his opinion, was the emphasis on the reforms promised by the government.

“The first of June is an opportunity to trace the course of this year in which two important reforms, taxes and pensions, will come,” said the pro-government parliamentarian.

In line with this, government spokeswoman Camila Vallejo on Monday noted the progress made on these reforms. The former MP affirmed that the pension system reform will continue in his social dialogues, and stated that the tax reform talks are nearing completion.

The foreign minister noted that “the tax reform, which is nearing completion of the participation process, will allow, among other things, the financing of pension reform (…)”.

Meanwhile, the president of the Senate, Socialist Alvaro Elizalde, said that there are urgent issues to be addressed with yes or yes next Tuesday, and called for patience with the reforms to be implemented.

“These are not reforms that will be approved in a few days, and even preparing their texts requires high-quality technical work (…) but no one can doubt President Borek’s transformative will,” the senator said.

President Borek in Time magazine

Remember, the prestigious North American magazine, Time, named Chilean President Gabriel Borek among the 100 most influential people in 2022.

According to the publication, the Chilean president shares the platform with other international leaders, such as Volodymyr Zelensky, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, among others.

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According to the review by the eminent Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, Borek became the youngest president of Chile with the largest vote in the history of our country.

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