Bolsonaro supporters gather outside the military barracks and call for a coup against Lula | international

The demonstrations were so massive and peaceful but clearly anti-democratic that they demanded the armed forces prevent the January 1 inauguration of Lula, who defeated President Jair Bolsonaro last Sunday in the election by at least 1.8 percentage points.

The Bolsonaro movement They took to the streets of Brazil on Wednesday, walked to the doors of many barracks and demanded “coup” Against the progressive leader’s electoral victory Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The invitation was made through social networks, where the far-right groups that support Bolsonaro are frantically active. This, especially through private messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

The highest concentrations were in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Either way, at the Army’s regional command headquarters,Just like what happened in Brasilia, Albeit with fewer people.

The slogan, however, was the same: “Federal intervention” (state coup), Under Article 34 of the National Constitution.

The national document states at one point that the central government can intervene if necessary and by any means possible. The above to ensure The republican form, the representative system, and the democratic system.

The excuse, according to the posters displayed by the demonstrators, was also the same that Lula’s government would take Brazil to “Communism” It will implement a system similar to the one in countries like Venezuela or Nicaragua.

all of the above , Quoted on numerous banners faithful to Bolsonaro’s speech in his election campaign.

They also reported a alleged fraud, hypothesis was Electoral justice denied him And all the parties and institutions that recognized Lula’s victory, As have hundreds of foreign governments.

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Bolsonaro calls for a coup in Brazil

Wednesday’s demonstrations were followed by a holiday in Brazil marking the Day of the Dead Huge protests from truck drivers Alienate in Bolsonaris.

This is a guild since last Monday About 600 highways have been closed across the country. To protest Lula’s victory.

This Wednesday, according to highway police, The blockade lasted at about 150 points in 15 of the country’s 27 states. In many cases they were only partial, Because it obstructed traffic, but did not obstruct it completely.

in some places, Like the city of Barueri in São Paulo, The roads were liberated with the strict intervention of the police.

official wear They dispersed the truck drivers with tear gas, But without confrontations or casualties.

Truck drivers’ protest is losing steam Since Bolsonaro finished admitting defeat And he decided that the government would start the transitional process with Lula’s team, which is scheduled for Thursday.

Bolsonaro spoke about the election results this Tuesday, About 45 hours after the Progressive Leader was declared the winner.

He said in a brief speech that the protests were “The fruit of discontent and a sense of injustice over the conduct of the electoral process.”

I confirm it “Peaceful demonstrations” be “welcome”, But he emphasized that his methods “They cannot be from the left, who have always hurt the population,” He stressed that no one can stop him The right to come and go.

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