Bolivia and Peru strengthen port cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it had organized, in coordination with its Peruvian counterpart, a session in this city and a second in Santa Cruz to promote the facilities of the International Economic Corridor, which strengthens the port of Ilo.

According to the source, the meetings between the bilateral authorities and businessmen will take place this Tuesday in La Paz and Santa Cruz on Wednesday 14.

The second day will be hosted by the Exporters’ Chamber in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

According to the Port Services Administration, as of June of this year, about 72,282 tons remained through the Peruvian port of Ilo, which is a record.

So-called binational computers and good communication between Presidents Luis Arce and Pedro Castillo, President of Bolivia and Peru, respectively, are promoting Bolivian export projects through the Ilo and Matarani terminals in Peru.

During the last bilateral meeting last October in La Paz, the leaders agreed to work together with the goal of prioritizing outstanding investments for the development of southern Peru and “to give Bolivia a real alternative in its foreign trade.”

The Peruvian side has made significant investments in improving infrastructure and port operations in Ilo to meet the growing demand for Bolivian shipments.

At the end of last March, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration of Bolivia, Benjamin Blanco, reported that until the end of this year, the Andean and Amazon nation will transport more than 200 thousand tons of goods through the port of Peru. Elo.

He described that bilateral agreements allow an alternative port for national goods entering and leaving through the Pacific Ocean.

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Blanco added that in the first quarter of 2022 alone, about 60,000 tons were transported via this route, a number almost similar to the figure established in the whole of 2021, when the total volume was 72,282.

“We hope to reach 200,000 tons in circulation during 2022,” the vice president reiterated in statements to the state TV channel of Bolivia.

He stressed that this result is possible thanks to the bilateral relations chaired by President Arsi and the strategic nature that both countries give to bilateral cooperation.

Blanco means that both countries win by boosting imports and exports through Ilo.

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