Bit: Enit-Netflix Agreement, Dreaming of Italy Even with TV – at Poltrona

(ANSA) – Milan, April 11 – As if other reasons were needed to fall in love with such a wonderful and unique place in the world as Italy and dream of traveling far and wide, starting today thanks to a new agreement between Enit and Netflix There is also a device TV.

TV series like Summertime or movies like The Last Paradise, just to name two recent examples, can convince even the furthest to leave. Even in lesser known places like Il Filo invisibile located in Rome in Eur.

The MoU, presented in Fiera Milano by the top management of the Tourism Authority and Stefano Ciolo, Director of Corporate Relations for Italy at Netflix, aims to strengthen the link between audiovisual production in Italy and promotion tourism and to present a study on the effectiveness and impact of films and television series on the perception and selection of Italy as a tourist destination. .

It also aims to create synergies and implement actions to strengthen the country’s system, strengthen the positive perception of the Italian brand and expand knowledge of the country’s richness, cultural diversity and lifestyle. We will cooperate in the implementation of projects to promote Italian tourist destinations, especially those less well known, among the international public.

According to international research conducted by Basis on behalf of Netflix, films and TV series are a driving force for Italy’s image in the world and have the potential to attract tourism to our country. The study, which was conducted on a representative sample of the population in 6 countries including Brazil, France, India, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States, reveals, in fact, that for people who watched Italian content, the probability of considering Italy as the next tourist destination is double compared to those who did not watch Italian content. One particularly relevant aspect is that the finding also relates to those who have never visited Italy: 87% of people who viewed Italian content declared an interest in visiting Italy – versus 67% of people who never saw Made in Italy content. The aspects most appreciated in Italy by those who have looked at Italian content are history, cuisine, and culture. The research also reveals that people who have Netflix in the countries measured are 50% more likely to watch Italian content, compared to those who don’t have Netflix.

“The survey underscores the engaging and empathetic power of images and stories to promote tourism and encourages collaboration between Netflix and Enit, in a spirit of mutual reference to contribute to an exciting new discovery of Italy,” says Tini Andreta, Vice President of Netflix Italian Series. Roberta Garibaldi, CEO of Enit, comments, “An agreement that really allows you to taste the innovative power that we would like to convey to the sector: working with all those who are able to mobilize the resources of our brand in a positive way.” “A project in progress for intergenerational and intercultural dialogue through a tool that unites all and rejects areas of concern,” says President Inet Giorgio Palmucci. (handle).

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