Big Brother on Netflix in the Drag Queen version?

Big Brother, whether in the nip or vip version, is known to be always very popular and has proven itself as one of the most followed reality shows in recent times. So much so that Netflix will consider creating an in-stream version…

Who knows how Alfonso Signorini He reacts after baseless rumors started circulating about a possible new Netflix series that perfectly matches the format Big brother. Of course, if it were the same it would have been a problem as well as a “meaningless” investment….

But from what has been received in the past few hours, it seems that the beloved formed the signature Mediaset It can be re-proposed by the well-known broadcasting platform, by reinterpretation – clever.

From Netflix there will be ready to expand RuPaul’s Drag Race And make it a reality with tons of celebrity-style livestreams Big brother.

Will Netflix Release a ‘New’ Big Brother?

Big Brother on Netflix in the Drag Queen version?

The Big brother It is a hit reality show for various reasons, watched a lot and for years viewers never get tired of the many dynamics inside the most spied on places in Italy. Maybe that’s why Netflix Would you like to suggest a similar format?

Only this time there will be only drag queens, constantly “spying” while living together in a luxury villa. Indiscretion immediately raised the news, for the news itself but also for the details that have been leaked thus far. It looks like the villa in which everything will be set will have 70 cameras and 120 microphones, so you don’t miss a moment of symbiosis between the ten potential queens who will arrive straight from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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The news received is not yet confirmed, but many are talking about the possibility of “Big Brother Drag” that could actually be launched on the streaming platform. Netflix. Not only fun and entertainment, but for whoever wins the reality show (which it is suspected should run for a month at the moment) among the competitors in the future, there will be 150 thousand euros.

From the top Netflix So there was the idea of ​​taking two programs and creating a third hybrid, which can therefore attract a wider audience and certainly has attractive properties, which is certainly acceptable because it is accustomed but never boring because of a touch of modernity.

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