Berkeley Research Group: Nso owners ‘know nothing’ about the company’s activities

There are still “doubts about the historical management” of the Israeli company Nso, the creator of spyware winged horse, which appears to “keep owners informed” of their activities. That’s what we read in a letter from Berkeley Research Group, the US advisory firm that last year was responsible for the private equity fund that owns 70% of Nso, sent to European Parliamentarians focused on the company’s work. The Financial Times says the company’s complaint is a further escalation of a dispute involving the company, which was once a high-value asset used by Israel as a diplomatic calling card, but now faces lawsuits from Meta and Apple and has been blacklisted by United State. In a letter sent to MEPs last month, lawyers from Berkeley Research Group said that since last August it has been “investigating the historical and current management and management of the Nso Group’s business,” including its compliance with a list. United State.

But this process was “stopped” due to the company’s position. “Suffice it to say that the investigations to date have raised many more questions than they have been able to find answers,” the letter reads to MEPs. Nso has repeatedly stated that it “adheres to very strict legal and regulatory frameworks in every relevant area of ​​operation”. An official statement read: “The company’s management operates under appropriate corporate governance, works closely with all duly appointed boards of directors and cooperates with any required legal oversight.” Pegasus software can infiltrate a smartphone and breach its encrypted content, and it was discovered that in 2021 it was used to target the smartphones of 37 journalists, human rights activists and other prominent figures. The Spanish government said last week that Pegasus was used to hack the mobile phones of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Defense Minister Margarita Robles.

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