Because of the threats, they ask to study the security of criminal judges in Barranquilla

Because of the events on Wednesday where, in the middle of a virtual hearing, the Itinerant Municipal Criminal Judge BACRIMJose Antonio Sastock Fernandez and Rodrigo Rafael Restrepo Reyes, the eleven specialized prosecutor, were asked to assess the security of those responsible.

The request has been submitted to National Protection Unit, UNPby the coordinating judge of Judicial Service Center for the Oral Criminal System Accusative SPOACamilo Pardo Torres.

According to the document, the need for the study was underlined by the insecurity that had emerged in the Atlantico capital since last year 2021, when the then coordinating judge requested the measure.

In the context of:

“…Being generally aware of the city’s insecurity Barranquilla and many other cities in Colombia, and I have seen through virtual channels the public threats and misleading opinions about judicial decisions made by the various SPOA judges, decisions that adhere to our legislation, at the request of criminal judges with the function of knowledge and criminal judges with the function of oversight of guarantees for the city of Barranquilla, I am requesting and/or placing for your consideration a security study on all of the above-mentioned judges‘ read the petition.

The alert was issued amid charges against two criminal gang leaders named Los . “Coastal ruins”who are still locked up in prison centers, was interrupted by a user who entered the room of the judicial branch and publicly intimidated officials.

“Because of the foregoing, a security study is requested to be carried out on Dr. José Antonio Sastock Fernandez, as a mobile criminal judge in the municipality with BACRIM guarantee control functions, And to all of the Assize Judges in the SPOA for this city,” the Coordinating Judge confirmed.

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