Because of the reactor problems: Doctors warn of suffocation – science

Essen (dpa) – Due to technical problems at a research reactor in Belgium, patients in this country must be prepared for longer waiting times or delays for certain medical examinations. That’s what German nuclear medicine scientists fear, according to a statement from their professional union BDN. The reason for this in November is the impending bottleneck in the supply of so-called radionuclides, which are used, among other things, in the diagnosis of many types of cancer.

So this material is only produced in six research reactors around the world: in the Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands and the Belgian city of Mole. The reactor in Belgium is now out of order due to technical problems. Unfortunately, other European nuclear reactors are currently out of service due to maintenance work, BDN head Detlev Moka of Essen said according to the announcement. In November, there will likely be no radionuclides for at least a week.

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