Beat Norway: World Games – Women’s Beach Handball Semi-finals

Status: 07/13/2022 12:33 PM

After their success in the World Cup, the German women’s beach handball team also takes care of world games It caused quite a stir in the United States.

The German women’s national team has world games Reached the semi-finals. Alexander Novakovic’s side celebrated their third win in three matches against Norway – after falling behind in the group shoot with 2:1.

Novakovic’s choice had previously defeated Mexico (2-0) and Argentina (2-1), followed by duels with Australia and the United States of America.

Lost the first group

The Germans lost the first set against Norway. Despite progressing almost continuously until 10:6, the DHB team had to accept a 12:12 tie and a goal to 14:16 in the last second. But that didn’t deter the newly crowned world champion, and he also dominated the second set – finally reaching the finish line at 23:16.

In the shoot Then the Germans cheered. After goals by Isabel Kattner and Beilin Gitoart for the 4:2 lead, Susan Petersen and In Grimsrud on the Norwegian side missed the German goal. In the end, a single point scoring by Lucy Kretzchmar was enough to determine a 7:6 duel for Novakovic’s team.

With this win, Germany knocked Norway off the top of the standings and is the only unbeaten country at the top.

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