Beach soccer Legionnaire combines his passion in Switzerland with remote work

The name Javier Angulo may not seem familiar to you at first, but in the Swiss Beach Soccer League they know him well, and that is because he will once again represent Costa Rica in the national championship of this European country, which it will be. Held in the second half of 2022.

Angolo has a long history in the Costa Rican arenas, he has defended the national team shirt and gained respect in Swiss soil, to the point that it is the tenth time he has been called up and signed as a promotion.

Of course, for two years the pandemic has closed the doors for him internationally, but American Data player Goicoechea will embark on a new adventure in arena sport, starting in July.

“I had the opportunity again after the epidemic, I spent nine consecutive years playing in the Swiss league. I was given the opportunity after two years. He made it clear that we would play the championship and the cup of that country.”

The experienced player will be part of Beach Soccer 54, one of the ten clubs that make up the Swiss Beach Soccer League and is located near Zurich.

Additionally, he has played tournaments in the United States, the Bahamas and Spain. Of course, he is left at his own expense and because of what he does on the field, because unlike what happens in football, he has no one to represent him.

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“I played in the Dubai World Cup in 2009 and there I had some contacts with players from Switzerland, which gave me the opportunity. It is not easy, since there is no representative, it was on my own merits that I received contacts and did it well”, commented No. American Data Goicoechea.

Many players from Brazil, Russia, Colombia and Italy participate in the Swiss League. However, it is very strange to see a player from Central America and even Tico in this competition.

At the age of 40, Javier had a career in beach soccer in Costa Rica which saw him play with teams such as: Saprissa, Supra, Ferretería Brenes, Punta Leona, Escazú FP and American Data Goicoechea. In addition, he was a part of the national team that played in the Beach Soccer World Cup in Dubai in 2009.

On that occasion tricolor He finished last in Group C completed by Russia, Italy and Argentina.

Work and beach soccer

Despite wanting to devote himself entirely to beach soccer, Javier Angulo has to combine his passion for the sport with real estate business, so during his three-month stay in Switzerland he will be working remotely to continue his career.

“When I get the chance to go there, I work from home. They give me an apartment with the basics, food, travel expenses etc. It doesn’t mean you pay as much money as football 11, but they give me the amenities to be in a good position there.”

Angolo recently joined Goicoechea and scored six goals against Academia Nosara, in the seventh round.

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“I scored five goals in one match, six that I never scored. It happened to me, he was a bit lazy, but for the team, coming out with a win is a grain of sand, which is the most important thing,” added Angolo.

The results of the date of the seventh national beach soccer championship:

Caribbean Mixed 7-6 SF Macoy Alajuelita (in overtime).

Younes Lemon 1-4 Dimas Escazu.

Samara ADG 7-7 Coopecaja PFC (4-3 on penalties).

Rep. Matapalo 6-8 Punta Leona.

Escazú FP 5-1 Valencia BS.

Nosara 6-11 American Goicoechea data.

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