Barcelona Xavi, memories of Australia

After a grueling journey of more than 20 hours, Barcelona’s delegation is now in Australia, where on Wednesday at 12pm (Spanish time) they will play a friendly match to close the season once and for all against the A-League All-Star Team. .

In the works prior to this match, Xavi appeared at a press conference with Daniel Alves. The Blaugrana coach happily recalled his return to Australia, a country with very good memories, as it was In the Sydney Games, where he managed to win the silver medal in football with the Spanish national team, which fell in the final against Cameroon on penalties.

“It is a great honor to be in Australia, it is the first time in history that Barcelona is in this wonderful country, I also have good memories here, in 2000, at the Olympics,” Xavi explained.

The Barcelona coach explained in the previous press conference that he values ​​the game in terms of image. Xavi wants his team to go on vacation and it leaves a good taste in his mouth and says so “Barcelona is global, we have many fans all over the world and we are here for them. We have to show our best faces, our best level because we play for our fans.” The most important thing is to make people happy. Every moment for Barcelona is a privilege, everyone must understand that we are a great club. Not only is the result important, but the image as well.”

On the other hand, the side Daniel Alves brought his usual sense of humor when asked if he would appreciate ending his career in Australia. The Brazilian replied to the reporters, “Why not? Do you have any offers for me? Between the journalists’ laughter.

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