Barcelona | Xavi and his three letters are on their way to Australia

Barcelona traveled to Australia on Sunday on the couch. A well-deserved whistle by his fans, his end of the season was between disappointing and bizarre and distanced him from that comparison that brought him closer to Rijkaard’s team, which did not win titles in the 2003-04 season and ended up with it. It paved the way for the short but successful 2004-2006 cycle.

Nothing was ended at Barcelona, ​​and although Xavi is responsible for saying the relationship with Laporta, Matteo Alemani and Jordi is an excellent one and that they’ve put together a great team, each one uses their own story. defending his plot. Once the match against Villarreal is over, Xavi sat at the press conference Laporta, Matteo Alemani and Jordi Cruyff took primary responsibility for what could happen at Barcelona 2022-23. He even put the fans in the middle. Xavi’s first message: “The diagnosis has been made and things must be changed. We cannot hide the reality. and less for partners. This has to change.” Message 2: “Delivery work is coming It is more important than the domain. We have to change many things.” And the third message: “We have to promote ourselves very well. If not, we will not be able to compete.” Three messages were preceded by a self-approval of his work: “We saved a season that could have been disastrous.”

Between Xavi and the offices there are some cracks open. The first is about Dembele. While Matteo Alemani responded nonchalantly when asked about the Frenchman, Xavi praised his work in recent months. It is not the only difference between a coach and the noble plant of the club. Nobody wants to take over the sale of Frenkie de Jong. The coach passes the ball to Laporta and confirms that the Dutchman is a monster player, but he cannot control the economic reality. Laporta, who knows that the coach expressed his doubts with the player and that he would prefer to sell him and sign Carlos Soler, already hit him last week: “If there are important sales, it will not be for economic criteria but for the sake of sport”.

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In the background, Xavi is also going his way according to his words. He admits his interest in Lewandowski makes negotiation more expensive; And he sends a mysterious message with Neymar: “He has a contract; I find it very difficult. But I wouldn’t tell myself I don’t like it…”. It is clear that Xavi wants to mark his territory and warn that no one will ask him for miracles if they do not support the team. Of course, he can’t deny that Barcelona spiraled out of control in the final week of the season in which the players, save for catching a plane to Australia (from which a few of them got off), went their own way.

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