Banks: Padoan, a mid-Ford banking union, made a leap – Economy

(ANSA) – MILAN, April 12 – Banks must take a leap towards European banking union, which remains incomplete, abandoning nationalist logic. This is what Unicredit President, Pier Carlo Padoan, said during the World Banking Forum 2022. “After the sovereign debt crisis, the banking union in Europe was launched, which is still halfway across the river” and this involves “fragmentation in at the European level”, he adds Padawan. “Even if everyone in Europe is in favor of more integration, because we know the strategy going forward – says the president of Unicredit – we are resisting this process of integration. There is a continuation of a phenomenon that is moving along national lines rather than making a paradigm shift along European bases.” According to Padoan, “If we do not take this leap decisively, leaving patriotic nostalgia behind, Europe, which is already behind the United States, risks further extending this delay” (ANSA).

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