Azores: Youngster finds a message in a bottle from the USA two years later

The Azores is located approximately 4,000 kilometers from Rhode Island far. Cruise from the state to the northeast of United States of America Portugal Atlantic Islands will take days under good conditions and fast ship.

It will take much longer if you let yourself get carried away. Assuming you get there. The discovery of a message in a bottle by a 17-year-old shows that the long road from the United States to the islands is at least theoretically possible with luck.

According to the Associated Press, Christian Santos, who found the message, was fishing when he found the broadcast from the United States. So the plastic bottle that originally contained a soft drink was wrinkled.

Santo’s mother had posted the message in a bottle on Facebook – hoping to connect with the sender.

The message on the bottle reads: “It’s Thanksgiving. I’m 13 years old and visiting my family in Rhode Island. I’m from Vermont.” Additionally, an email address has been pointed out indicating that the letter in a bottle may have been dumped overboard in 2018. So far, however, no one has reported this.

Also “Boston Globe“I mentioned on the discovery. It is not known if the sender was informed at this time.

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