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On Tuesday, Australian Nick Kyrgios and Thanasy Kokinakis played the quarter-finals of the doubles at the Australian Open. They won 7-5, 3-6, 6-3 and advanced in the lottery. What won’t be on the championship sheet: How Kyrgios threw a bat on the floor. How he accidentally shot a kid with the ball only in a furious punch and then gave the boy a bat. How Kokkinakis misjudged. How raised the crowd and his arms. How Kyrgios ran like a tuft across the field as if he had scored a soccer goal. Channel 9 broadcaster described the performance, which can be admired in the new exhibition hall called the Kia Arena, as “a revolution in the world of tennis.” “I didn’t like it very much, I must say,” Tim Pütz said. He found: “It was wild there.” Pütz played New Zealander Michael Venus against Kyrgios and Kokkinakis. Poor guy.

Kyrgios is undoubtedly one of the most talented players in tennis, only his complex personality still stands in his way, or else he might have been one of the longtime Grand Slam winners. Really cute Kokkinakis threw a thousand hits. In this Australian Open, they teamed up to achieve great things in doubles. Kyrgios quote: “I want to win this damn thing.” He didn’t say that in the dressing room. He said this on the field in an interview. This way it is lovable. And even Pütz could understand that.

Kyrgios is aware of his influence

Basically, the 34-year-old from Frankfurt, who is ranked 18th in the world in doubles, would welcome him if tennis were more entertaining. And you’re “a little bit away from the fact that you’re not allowed to move at all between points, and that you have to be very still and things like that. I don’t think that’s really modern.” He only criticizes the behavior of his opponents: “It’s a very fine line going forward. I think sometimes it goes to the right and left of that.” Mentally, experience the match as ‘stressful’. In a cauldron-like arena that seated 5,000 people, the core volume was permanently high. In general, however, he and Venus weren’t playing well. He did not want to blame the provocations for the defeat.

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What are they doing? Tim Poetz (left) and his New Zealand doubles partner Michael Venus are surprised by their opponents Nick Kyrgios and Thanasy Kokinakis.

(Photo: Paul Kroc/AFP)

What Pütz does not deny above all to Kyrgios: he is good for tennis. In fact, the stadiums are always full wherever he is. “It’s unbelievable how much TV ratings have gone up so dramatically,” Mats Wellander, a former professional and three-time Melbourne winner, told Eurosport. Kyrgios is aware of his influence. “People are just happy to see Australians succeed in whatever they’ve been through,” said the 26-year-old from Canberra. “If everything becomes unruly – that’s all we want,” Kokinakis explained.

“If I was 23 and had a couple of beers, I’d probably be there as a fan as well,” admitted Pütz, who looked ripped off. Anyway, he had never experienced such a loud, loud and boisterous performance. Not even in the Davis Cup in Spain? Or in the final of the Masters Championship in Paris when he defeated the French Pierre Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut in 2021? “Nothing compares,” Potts emphasized.

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