Australian Open – Nadal set a Grand Slam record with his dramatic final victory

Status: 01/30/2022 3:45 PM

Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open with an epic final victory over Daniil Medvedev and set a record 21 Grand Slam titles.

After a playing time of 5:24 hours, Nadal won in five sets with 2:6, 6:7 (5:7), 6:4, 6:4 and 7:5 for second in the world rankings from Russia. It was the second longest final in the tournament’s history. 13 years ago, Nadal won his only trophy at the Australian Open.

The 35-year-old Spaniard wrote tennis history with her. Because Melbourne’s success was his 21st Grand Slam win. So far, Nadal has shared the record with Novak Djokovic (Serbia) and Roger Federer (Switzerland).

It was one of the most emotional matches of my career.”Nadal said, “I also congratulate Daniel on his performance. He will win the championship many times in the future.” The winner directed a special thanks to the viewers: “I’ve had incredible support over the past few weeks.”

Medvedev at first is very cool

For a long time, Nadal did not look like a great victor, even though the Spaniard almost lost his fans from the start Rod Laver Arena He was completely retarded. Again and again, spectators beat the islands of Mallorca forward. Medvedev remained calm and did not let that bother him at first – the Russian scored the decisive points, winning the first round relatively easily after 42 minutes.

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The crowd whips Nadal forward

The second set in particular was incredibly competitive and lasted over an hour. Nadal was already 4-1 ahead before a rest time After the other I followed. Both finalists didn’t play their best tennis at this point, but it was exciting. In the end, the Russian sat in break the tie narrowly with 7:5 and was clearly on the path to victory.

In 3:2 and 40:0, Medvedev had three balls on his side in the third set. But Nadal resisted and made it 3-3. The turning point in this match was unforgettable.

The spectators raged and cheered loudly at the favorite audience, who, in turn, encouraged them to do so with their fists. Sympathy was clearly distributed. Medvedev did not find it funny at all. When he made a slight foul, he applauded with disdain as the crowd celebrated Nadal’s points win.

player Grand Slam title
Rafael Nadal (Spain) 21
Roger Federer (Switzerland) 20
Novak Djokovic (Serbia) 20
Pete Sampras (USA) 14
Roy Emerson (Australia) 12
Bjorn Borg (Sweden) 11
Rod Laver (Australia) 11

Nadal turns things around

Indeed, with enthusiasm in the stands behind him, Nadal secured the third set after more than three hours of play. And that had an effect, because Medvedev lost his rhythm more and more, while Nadal got a second breath and managed to add more power. Nadal won the fourth set 6:4 to thunderous applause.

in Melbourne It was already past midnight when the decisive group entered. Both players were now at their physical limits. The momentum was clear, however, with the Spaniard, who still had fans on his side and was able to drive the third and fourth set-winning push into the final round.

Both players gave their all and showed world-class tennis despite the empty tanks. Nadal managed to correct minor errors in the first rounds and showed more willpower than the Russian.

short nervous flutter in spanish

In the fifth game of the fifth set, Nadal got that rest time to 3:2. When he hit tennis history at 5:4, his temper briefly threw a wrench into the works – Medvedev, who never gave up, tied 5:5. Pure drama well after midnight in Melbourne. Nadal realized himself at the crucial moment and won the set 7:5. Then he got on his knees to thank his team. Kissed his father on the forehead.

Rafael Nadal with the winner’s trophy in the background Daniil Medvedev

A standing ovation erupted again when Nadal announced in the winning interview: “I will do everything to come back here next year.It’s Nadal’s second win in 2009 Melbourne. In between, he died four times as a loser Rod Laver Arena Departure.

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