Australian Open 2022: This is the ‘infamous hotel’ where Djokovic was quarantined in Australia


07/01/2022 –

AndIt is the hotel that the Australian government transferred Novak Djokovic to afterwards Refusal of entry visa to the country To play the first Grand Slam of this year for not being vaccinatedin the spotlight. Park Melbourne Hotelwhere a large part of the people doing the mandatory 14-day quarantine reside in Melbourne when you arrive from abroad and a large group of refugees, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called him “notorious” and demanded his transfer as soon as possible.

Since Novak Djokovic’s arrival in Australia, the message has been clear: I will not receive special treatment. After his lawyers stopped the deportation, he was transferred to a refugee hotel. He will be there at least until Monday, the day when a decision should be made about his future.

Vucic is not the only one who has complained about the hotel. In Serbia, housing caused blisters. But what is the Park Hotel Melbourne like?

Four-star, located in the suburb of Carlton, its walls are filled with protests related to refugee arrests who were transferred to Australia. And the Guardian newspaper reported in October that hotel staff and detainees denounced this An “incubator” for COVID-19. in that month, 22 out of 46 passengers tested positive. Moreover, 7News reported that u– 90% of the infections in Victoria in the second wave of October originated in the complex where Djokovic is. Immediately. Many blamed poor ventilation.

Accommodation is terrible, small hotel for refugees, has bugs, it is dirty and food is poor

Djokovic’s mother

“Hotel of Horror” for the Serbian press

Knoll’s mother, Dijana Djokovic, the hotel also accused in Thursday’s press conference. “He’s being held captive, that’s not fair, he’s not human. The accomodation is horrible. It’s a small hotel for refugees, it has bugs, it’s dirty, the food is poor and they don’t give you the opportunity to move into an already rented house,” She said.

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Serbian newspaper telegraph The hotel was described as “horrible”. “The hotel of horrors in which Novak is staying has a terrible history, a deadly wave spreads from there”They wrote in the middle.

Standard room at Park Hotel Melbourne.

These statements contradict the photos on the hotel’s websitewhich appears Standard four-star rooms With pictures also of his facilities (gym, restaurant, swimming pool…), although it is clear that Djokovic cannot use any of them because he is isolated.

torture complaints

On its walls are many messages. “30 children were imprisoned here and tortured for 3,092 days.”Says one of the many writings.

“A super-rich profession is being built overnight and the global media is working on it. The refugees are being held in the same place after spending nine years in detention and most journalists do not tell the story. Refugees have the same rights as famous tennis players.”this Friday in a tweet by Green Party Senator Nick McKim.

Various graphics on its interface.

Various graphics on its interface.AP

Park Hotel – ‘alternative’ used by Canberra Executive for Detaining illegal immigrants since 2020Classified by an immigrant as “prison”by Mehdi Ali, 24 years old, who has spent Nine years in detention, including several months in those facilities.

“It is very sad that so many journalists called me yesterday to ask me about Djokovic. I was imprisoned for nine years. Today I’m 24 years old and the only thing they want to know is thatAli said on Twitter on Friday.

Before, Protesters gather every day to demand the release of refugees They arrived from Papua New Guinea, Manus Island, Nauru or Iraq and denounced torture. Now, those calling for Djokovic’s release have also joined in. However, there are also many who are angry and worried about Nol when the refugees have been in the same place for years. Some of the signs can read “Hello, refugees. Not you, Djokovic.” also “

The 120-room North Melbourne Hotel was the stage for A fire a few weeks agoJust as he caught the audience’s attention Not having enough ventilation presumably Serving food with worms for detained immigrants.

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