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World Cup Qualifiers – Australia goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne comes into the 120th minute of the World Cup qualifier against Peru with only one mission: to save the penalty shootout. It works, Australia is going to the World Cup.

His message to fans at home was brief: “We’re going to the World Cup.” A few years ago, the new Australian football champion was as far away as his home country from the rest of the world. Andrew Redmayne’s career faltered, and he wanted to stop playing and instead become a teacher, working at a primary school in Sydney. Self-doubt plagued the guard. In January 2017, the tipping point came again, and five-and-a-half years later, this 1.94-meter-tall man with a strong, full beard was celebrated across Australia – and admired by the rest of the world, except perhaps Peru, as a punishment. jack hopper. “It’s very surreal,” he said.

Coach Graham Arnold took a special risk in Monday night’s play-off in Qatar against Peru, fifth in the South American qualifiers. Matthew Ryan has replaced the trusted San Sebastian goalkeeper with the inexperienced Redmayne. “Arnold’s bold move turned into a masterstroke, as it turned out,” the Sydney Morning Herald wrote.

Jack jump strategy

Because before Redmayne made a quiet video call with his mum and dad, he had confused the Peruvians so much with his strategy of fidgeting and jumping so outstanding that two penalties didn’t end in goal. A ball bounced off the post, and Redmayne saved the last and decisive ball.

Before running from left to right, right to left, he turned, leaned down, and extended his arms. Redmayne confirmed to dpa that he is not afraid to lose his direction. It is only important to return to the center immediately before the shot.

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For Redmayne, this was only ‘Socceroos’ second appearance in a competitive match – he actually played against Nepal, who currently ranks 168th in the world rankings, in June 2021. When it comes to her in one of Australia’s most important games in recent memory He was allowed to play again. “I wouldn’t call myself a hero. I was a small part of it,” Redmayne said after 120 minutes without goals and 5-4 penalties in Qatar.

The Australians will be back there in November. And they play in Group D with France, Denmark and Tunisia in their sixth appearance in the World Cup and the fifth, respectively.

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