Australia will send its solar energy to Singapore via a gigantic 4,200 km submarine cable

Singapore wants energy and renewable energy. sunny northern australia, the sun in quantity And that warms his days for hours. before a while Sun Cable Company He realized this scenario and decided to promote a project that he asserted would create “the largest solar infrastructure network in the world”. His data is certainly impressive: a “large solar farm” with 12,000 hectares of panels and 4200 km of submarine cables Between Oceania and Asia.

Australia and Asia PowerLinkThe project has also been christened, integrating several structures of great depth. In the Barclay region of northern Australia, he plans to create some 12000 hectares of photovoltaic panels capable of generating between 17 and 20 gigawatts.

Part of this energy will be stored in a battery system and another part will be directed over 788 kilometers With wires that will largely follow the railway for darwin. A transformer will be installed about 31 kilometers to the east from there, on the coast of Marmogok.

Covering the growing demand

of transmitted energy, About 800 MW It will be diverted to boost the electricity supply to Darwin’s homes and businesses, and the rest will travel along an underwater power line with three running cables. 4200 km It will pass through Indonesia until they reach Singapore.

“AAPowerLink will harness and store solar energy from one of the brightest places on the planet in the Northern Territory of Australia for 24/7 transmission to Darwin and Singapore via a high-voltage DC transmission system. Company officials sayensuring that the wiring supply will cover up to 15% of Singapore’s total electricity needs.

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From Cable Sun Remember Energy demand in Southeast Asia is growing at an average of 6% annually and forecasts are that it will grow by 60% by 2040.

“Demand for renewable electricity is accelerating due to its low cost and Australia has the largest per capita solar energy supplier in the G20 and second in the world. It exists. Unique opportunity to export large amounts of renewable energy,” Signature highlightswhich indicates that Singapore currently relies on gas for about 95% of its electricity generation.

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Start AAPowerLink It will cost more than 30,000 million of Australian dollars, 20,100 million euros, and would allow the construction of what Sun Cable claims is the world’s largest solar infrastructure. Another advantage the company points out is that it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Only in northern Australia can appreciate it 10% will be cut.

The company plans to start building AAPowerLink in 2024 And start supplying power Already in 2027. Overall and with updates, the project is expected to be seven decades old. Only in its first phase will it create 1,750 jobs.

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